Antikythera, LLC is a US-based Cybersecurity Advisory company. We apply our extensive experience in government and private-sector cybersecurity to help our clients manage cyber risk in all critical infrastructure sectors. Although many cybersecurity firms focus on cybersecurity as a technical problem, the Principal consultants at Antikythera have helped governments, and private sector organizations understand how to make informed risk decisions in cyberspace.

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1. Cyber Resilience Consultation

There are no "magic bullets” to prevent all breaches, but the right combination of people, technology, policies, and procedures can help a company address cyber-based threats. We can help you understand your organization’s cyber risk in business terms, and then identify innovative, Next-Gen solutions to make your business more resilient. We can also work with your most valuable resource – your employees to assess their training, experience – and even their innate cognitive biases – to help them mature in their understanding of cybersecurity.

2. Plans, Policies, and Compliance

The best technology in the world cannot prevent every possible cyber event. Technology will fail. People will make mistakes. Incidents will happen. The middle of a crisis is not the time to begin developing a plan of action. Antikythera can help your organization create rational, actionable plans and policies to not only minimize the risk of a cyber event but to help you respond if and when one happens. This type of planning and policy-making is a specialized skill - and is essential to meeting many compliance standards.

3. Cyber Exercise Planning and Facilitation

Rehearsing a cyber incident at all levels of management is critical to a successful plan. Executive-level exercises help the most senior executives in an organization understand the potential impacts of a cyber incident, even if they don’t understand the technology. Antikythera’s Principals have designed and facilitated Executive-level tabletop exercise for private companies, major events, universities, and government agencies. James Harris currently serves as a consulting Senior Subject Matter Expert to the US Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Exercise and Planning Program.


Antikythera maintains a special relationship with several new, innovative Cybersecurity technology companies, including PFP Cybersecurity. PFP Cybersecurity is based on a technology known as Power Fingerprinting. Power Fingerprinting (PFP) is a unique approach to cybersecurity which utilizes analog signals (AC, DC, EMI) to assess the integrity of an electronic device. Power consumption and electromagnetic emissions uniquely identify any given hardware/firmware combination. By learning these power fingerprints, PFP detects whenever unauthorized modifications have compromised the integrity of an electronic system. PFP currently works with various civilian and military US Government agencies, and is looking to expand into the commercial sector and the Internet of Things. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

5. ERP by SAP Technologies

Antikythera LLC’s through its consultants proposes to its clients a wide range of system services based on SAP technology, the global leader in enterprise application solution. Our services are focused on 360 full service package.

Antikythera’s Principals have led Cybersecurity projects in the government and commercial spaces, including:


James E.Harris, Jr

James E.Harris, Jr

James Harris is the Co-Founder and Chief Cybersecurity Sciences Officer of Software-Defined Networking startup Eunomic, Inc. (DBA UNOMICEDGE). A former FBI senior management official, Mr. Harris provides more than 22 years of experience in both the federal government and private sector Information Technology and Cybersecurity fields. His expertise lies executive management, cybersecurity, data science, and technology development. He is recognized as an (ISC2) Certified Information Systems Security Professional. He speaks at international conferences and to the worldwide media, and has testified in state and federal trials. Mr. Harris began his career at IBM, where he led the company’s efforts in developing new standards for digital display interfaces, ultimately becoming one of the founding members of the Digital Display Working Group and one of the principal authors of the DVI specification. From there, Mr. Harris moved to Silicon Image – the company that invented the protocol for DVI and HDMI – where he served as a senior member of the technical sales team.

After the tragic event of 9/11, Mr. Harris moved to the public sector, earning a series of positions with the FBI. He most recently served as the Assistant Section Chief for the FBI Counterterrorism Internet Operations Section. He also previously served as the FBI Cyber Division Senior Liaison Officer to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Harris teamed with international counterparts in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada as a part of the Strategic Alliance Cyber Crime Working Group. He successfully investigated and managed teams that investigated criminal, counterterrorism, and counterintelligence computer intrusions, Internet child exploitation, intellectual property rights and trade secret violations, Internet fraud schemes, white collar crimes, and violent crimes.

For the past several years, Mr. Harris has provided Subject Matter Expertise in cyber risk for public and private sector clients, including FEMA, DHS CS&C, Tyco, Inc., SIFMA, the Super Bowl 50 & 51 Committees, the States of New York, Arizona, Montana, Michigan, and Colorado. He has also researched and developed graph-theory methods in R for determining internal cyber risk in a given network configuration.

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